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When you feel your life’s too hard to bear

Just go have a talk with god..

Foreshadowed in a crossword puzzle

First seen as a tiny being in a bean

Biggy in the Cruz

Forever in hearts

Oh lil crouton of lion spirit shall be a hero in legends to be told forever


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Lord Huckleberry lived grande
And he was the leader
of the dustfish band
He was ridiculous and he was sincere
But most of all he was extraordinaire


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I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a Lu.

A LuLu whose hungry mouth prest
Against the round and sweet flying best;

A LuLu who looks at balls all day,
And lifts her strong paws to play;

A LuLu that may in Summer wear
A nest of seashells in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow and frisbee has lain;
Who intimately lives with raincoat with no shame.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a LuLu.

I miss my LuLu and she was,
with no doubt, my Tree.

The dog of my life

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I turn around to look for you
and you’re nowhere around
I fell in love with you

Honey you don’t have to go

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I’m gunna pack my things and down the road go

Etta James

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If you know me, you understand my
Underworld title
And if you really know me
You know my byline
In the basement…
Is from my never ending love for
Etta James
Today, Etta’s death leaves me
With a heavy heart.
But not too heavy as she achieved
More than most.
She won me over.
Push over!!!
Ah Etta…
Thank you!
No, no don’t let yourself go!
I’m hip!!
Sometimes I get a good feeling, yeahhhhh!!!!

I get it

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i never understood how the NYT
could post everything
online, for free, and stay in business.
but i wish they offered rates based on income.
or something.
submit a music review and get a week free.
i’ve missed the print version since living here.
maybe now i’ll finally invest in the sunday addition.
there’s my sliver lining.