The party is over…April Fools

I repeat myself. I love living here.
An amazing city with beautiful people.
Friday night:
@evil breaks’ 3 year anniversary party.
And a return to the home of BOC.
Super energy and public warnings to boot.
Saturday afternoon:
A 33mile bike ride along the bay,
watching the planes take off @SFO
and then into the abyss I went.
Saturday night:
C & the Albino gang at Spectra Ball.
Good grooves and blasts from the past.
Off with C.S. fools C&T
to a Gilligan’s Island farewell party for J&G.
Great threads in G’s closet for T, C, and me.
Sunday a.m.:
DeepEnd fundraiser @the endup.
More good people out and about.
Helping to bring joy, music, and drinks
to the desert.
Sunday p.m.:
After some lentil soup to energize us we were
on our way to Sunset’s season opener in
Marin. How beautiful it was. Many, many
friends brought their picnic baskets for booboo.
And the music, that is the thread that ties
us all together for these special occasions, floated
out across the lake as we watched the moon begin to
rise. The Sunset gatherings always remind me
of how fortunate I am – to be surrounded by so many
creative, interesting, good people… all of us
w.happy feet.
We headed out to A’s house in Tiburon to
dance to more incredible music, laugh w.good
friends, and look out on an amazing view.
Most important of all was that the C.S.U.H.
team was fully represented. People are
often telling me how they admire our
connection, our friendship, our care
for one another. We are true to ourselves
so we can be true to one another. And
there lies no April fools joke.


~ by emef on April 1, 2007.

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