We met in a geography class
and connected immediately.
Our scenes were not connected.
Or so we thought.
Until one day we found ourselves
on a path with a small group of
mutual friends.
What a pleasant surprise indeed
to discover we were both part of
that ‘special’ lil crew
that explored/s the ocean,
the lakes, the blue ridge,
in a way i’m sure no others do.
My Virginia pals are always
with me, even though it seems
we are planets apart at times.
Landscapes and people in California
are dramatic, exotic, and
But Virginia, ah Virginia,
your landscape
and your people are wonderfully
subtle, gentle,
and far more long lasting.

“Marshall, a free spirit, loved to travel but waited
until his thirties before obtaining a driver’s license.
In his twenties, bicycling took him to both work and
the west coast. A love for the outdoors kept him
returning to the mountains, canyons, rivers, bays,
and estuaries where he felt most at home. These
adventures were the inspiration for the wonderful
paintings and photographs for which he was known.”

May the earth not weigh heavily upon your remains.

~ by emef on January 9, 2009.

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